Leadership is important


Student Agency Leadership Team

At Mount Erin College, we promote student agency and voice. Established in 2019, the Student Agency Leadership Team (SALT) is a group of students selected to represent their peers, to share the views of the student population of Mount Erin on a variety of school matters.

SALT’s mission is to enhance the engagement of Mount Erin College students in their own learning. By having communication between students and teachers as our priority, we hope that students across Year 7 to 12 will become more involved in the way they learn, and ultimately with their education as a whole. The team’s aim is to improve the quality of education their fellow peers experience while learning at Mount Erin College.

SALT’s prime concern is ensuring that teachers are able to understand the student feedback presented by members of the SALT team, and as a result adopt new learning strategies into their classroom to further support students in their academic development. Through building a more co-operative learning environment, we believe this will have an impact on teacher-student relationships, and ultimately positively improve student outcomes.

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