Mount Erin College prides itself on providing excellent education opportunities for our students and is looking forward to another great year of teaching and learning in 2022.  I would like to inform you of our College Parent Payment Policy which requests voluntary financial contributions for 2022.

Schools provide students with free instruction and ensure students have free access to all items, activities and services that are used by the school to fulfil the standard curriculum requirements in Victorian Curriculum F-10, VCE and VCAL.  Extra-curricular items and activities are provided on a user-pays basis.Within our school, voluntary contributions from parent payments has allowed us to organise and coordinate rich, extensive programs outside of the traditional teaching and learning programs. We access quality learning materials and are constantly adding new material for teachers to use to support personalised and quality learning. Our specialist programs of Art, Performing Arts, Technology, Indonesian and Physical Education are exemplary and your financial contributions assist us with the purchasing of varied art resources, musical instruments etc.  Our fantastic sports facilities and outside facilities have all been supported through our combined efforts.

As an inclusive school, ongoing and continued support from our families in regard to financial contributions to our College has ensured that these opportunities are available to all students and enable them to have a wide choice of subjects to pursue their chosen pathways.   Working with our College Board, we have ensured that our school charges remain at one of the lowest levels in the state.These are the programs and events so essential in being able to provide the rich learning opportunities that foster our belief in developing the whole learner.   Mount Erin College is an inclusive school where every child is supported and provided for.  Your continued support has allowed us to create this environment in our College and the resources required, and students have the opportunity to thrive and pursue their wide- range of passions in state-of-the-art facilities as they move through our College and onto the next chapter of their lives.  Even though fees are voluntary we all know that any extra funding we receive enables us to provide the best possible opportunities for our students.

For further information on the Department’s Parent Payments Policy, please refer to our College website under the ‘Our College’ tab.

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