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In less than month’s time from this issue’s publication, it will have been a whole year since Cartwheel Magazine released its first issue! Oh how quickly time has passed. At this rate, I’ll be in a retirement home by next year! But lets not get ahead of ourselves here. Welcome back for Issue 6 of Cartwheel Magazine!

In terms of News at the school this time around, it’s been business as usual. We’ll be taking a peek at the upcoming Arts Extravaganza, looking at exclusive look at some of the artwork that will be on display. After that, Nikola Kovac will be taking us back to earlier in the term to look at The Big Day In; a massive IT conference that a few of our STEM students had the chance to attend!

For our Non-Fiction spotlight this issue, we’ve got something that’ll peak the interest of Trekkies, as Joshua argues the merits of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Going through this 90s iteration of the franchise with a fine tooth comb, he’ll be discussing the characters, themes, and plotlines that make it stand out among the other Trek revivals.

Finally in Creative writing, Jennifer Kreyts shows an intellectual struggle with one’s infatuations and obsessions for another in ‘Intermodulation’. Then in Juno Roder’s ‘Crystal’, a tune from the distant plains is carried to a waiting wanderer.

As always, on behalf of all of us at the Cartwheel team, we hope you enjoy this issue, and enjoy your return to school!

– Tom Weir-Alarcon, editor and founder.

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