Mount Erin College Vertical House Structure

THE HOUSE STRUCTURE While in a traditional school structure (especially Primary Schools), house colours have been allocated to students for the purpose of sporting activities, however at Mount Erin the House structure is a very special school-wide program that is designed to integrate all aspects of a student’s school life. Students and staff in the College are distributed between the four Houses- Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

 These are vertical groups where students progress through the year levels whilst remaining in their assigned house for the duration of their time at MEC. The House structure promotes connectedness to school and provides continuity from year to year.

Each house is led by a team of dedicated staff consisting of a House Leader, two Assistant House Leaders and a House Support Officer. The House Leadership Team is the first point of communication for parents regarding student management including attendance, uniform, overall academic progress, wellbeing matters and pathways needs. During orientation, students will be assigned their house and will meet their House Leaders who will support their group of Year 7 students through their entire journey of secondary school.

Students will be placed in the same House as any older siblings. The House Leadership Team works tirelessly to get to know each student and their families. If parents have any concerns or questions, the House Leadership Team will do everything they can to address these and ensure every student is fully supported.

House Structure Benefits

Benefits for students and parents:

  • Students develop ongoing meaningful relationships
  • Student support is continual and consistent from year to year
  • Parents can communicate directly with the House Leadership Team
  • An inclusive approach supporting students who are not involved in other school activities
  • Promotes the spirit of respectful competition in a range of opportunities
  • Supports transition and streamlines movement from Year 7 – Year 12

Benefits for teachers and school staff:

  • Clear lines of leadership
  • Maximises staff resources
  • Defines specific roles and responsibilities
  • Provides direct support for teachers
  • Enhances collective efficacy amongst staff
  • Builds morale and a positive staff culture
  • Supports meaningful staff/student relationships
  • Streamlines transitions through the college
  • Provides structure for introducing SWPBS and other initiatives

School Values


To feel or show an understanding for your own or other’s beliefs / rights / religions or environment.


The ability to recover from setbacks, adapt to change, and persist in the face of adversity.


Being dependable, making good choices, and taking ownership and accountability for your actions.

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