Deaf Education Centre

Welcome to the Deaf Education Centre at Mount Erin College. We are the only Government Secondary Deaf Education setting in the South East Victoria Region (SEVR). We provide educational support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) students.

Our centre delivers communication and technological support, including cochlear implants, a variety of hearing aids, Roger and Soundfield Systems. Audiologist and Hearing Tech support is also provided onsite at the College twice a Term by Hearing Australia.

We provide in-class support for D/HH students by prioritising English and core subjects. We work with teachers to provide students with timely, dynamic feedback, encouragement, guidance and clarification.

Our Diploma of Auslan qualified Education Support Staff provide 1:1 support in the classroom. Inclusion and access is, but not limited to: clarification for assessments/exams, note taking, captioning and transcripts, modification of resources to meet individual student needs. We also provide withdrawal sessions to target specific learning needs identified for each D/HH student.

Our centre is a welcoming and supportive educational environment that celebrates our students’ successes. Students are supported to achieve success through Language Intervention classes and communication support including Auslan where appropriate.

We also participate in excursions such as Auslan interpreted professional theatre performances in the city, captioned cinema movie experiences and the Combined Secondary Deaf Sports Day is always a highlight of the year.

We support our DEC students with the transition from Primary to Secondary School and offer additional opportunities to connect with students and staff.

There may be financial assistance for funded Deaf Education students to access the DEC

at Mount Erin and this can be discussed in more detail. 

If you’d like more information, please reach out.

Alex Robinson

Leading Teacher Deaf Education

Sarah Parker

Education Support

Anne Craig (CODA)

Education Support

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